Are You Working With Your Ideal Client?

It’s a good time to take a look at who you have been working with and ask yourself if this is the Client you want to be working with?

So much of our business grows through referrals. Do you want a Client database filled with Clients you don’t necessarily want to work with and their friends, relatives and colleagues?  Not working with your Ideal Client will bring more of the same…the wrong Client.

The Consequences of Ignoring Your Ideal Client Profile

Most of the problems you experience EVERY DAY are a direct result of NOT formulating an Ideal Client Profile.  It’s a domino effect. Can you relate to the following?

  • You’re constantly looking for new Clients
  • You have less time for Clients you enjoy spending time with including high-end Clients
  • You aren’t getting enough quality referrals
  • You’re distracted by high-maintenance, low-return Clients
  • Business is tough, a chore, and you’re not reaching that number in your head
  • Your marketing and networking efforts bring in a low ROI (Plus, you hate doing it, and who has time to follow-up the right way?)

Bottom line: You spend too much time trying to find new Clients and not enough time providing top-notch, personal service that shows off your expertise.

Ask yourself who are your trying to reach? 

  • Have you figured out exactly what your Ideal Client wants and needs?
  • Why would your Ideal Client choose to work with you and not the next guy?
  • Do you understand how you Ideal Client thinks?

Invest your time and effort to figure this out and you have completed the first strategic step in working with your Ideal Client.

You want to ATTRACT Ideal Clients, not Customers

Attracting Ideal Clients starts with Listening. Listen to understand, truly understand.

You see, when you listen, dig deep, you uncover and begin to understand the problems that your Ideal Clients are tossing and turning over in their heads…and you can figure out how to get them what they want.

Your Ideal Client is looking to you to help get their problems solved. If you want to be successful attracting more Ideal Clients in your Target market, make sure you are solving big problems for them.

  • What problems are keeping your Target market, your future Ideal Clients, awake at night?
  • What are their typical problems?
  • What are they stressing out over?

Ways to Discover the Problems of Your Ideal Clients

Brainstorm all the problems you think your Ideal Client has and make a list and keep adding to it as ideas come to you.

  • Ask your current and past Ideal Clients. Call ‘em, email ‘em, or take ‘em to lunch and pick their brains. People love to talk about their problems. You’ll be surprised at the response.
  • Ask your eMail and Newsletter readers. Do a survey. There are free resources for this, such as (You do have a newsletter, don’t you?)
  • Look at your successful competitors’websites.  Read their web copy. Read their sales letters. Subscribe to their newsletters. What problems are they highlighting?

Listen and notice the wording used to describe the problems of your Target market. To connect with and Attract Your Ideal Clients, you’ll need to use their language, not yours.

By doing this research, you will not only find out what problems your Target market is having but you will start to think like your Target market. You will start to understand them. People want to work with someone who understands their needs.

Is Your Marketing Attracting Your Ideal Client?

  • Will the copy on your website attract your Ideal Client?
  • Do you have strong Call to Actions?
  • Do you have an Email Campaign directed at your Target Audience?
  • Are you creating Free Give-Aways that will get you noticed by your Target Audience?
  • Are you keeping in touch with Past Ideal Clients to elicit referral business?
  • Are you making the time for all of the above?

If not, you will continue to work with the Wrong Client!