Internet Marketing 101

Hey, really good to see you here! I realized it was time to write up a simple guide to Internet Marketing as I was answering a lot of questions about how to achieve success on the Internet.Many of my clients and those who are considering becoming clients are in different stages of developing their Internet Marketing strategies.  Most have a website, maybe a Blog, maybe an email drip campaign or autoresponder, maybe a monthly E-newsletter, and perhaps a Facebook business page….so where are the leads?The answer is simple…CONTENT IS KING!!  Today’s Internet Marketing is all about CONTENT MARKETING.Google’s newest algorithm ranks your website on it’s content and authority.

If You’re Not Content Marketing, You’re Not Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Basically, content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is non-interruption marketing. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent and sets you up as a go-to person for answers. The essence of this content marketing strategy is the belief that if we, as businesses, deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.

In short, deliver great content. Then keep delivering great content, but in a strategic and focused way.

What is Authority?

When you generate good quality content on a consistent basis you begin to get noticed as someone who is an “authority” in your business. How does Google know you are an Authority and give you credit in the rankings for being one? You have other people in your business linking to your blogs.  It’s simple…someone is using your blog as a reference.

One of the quickest ways to gain an audience is to tell them what they want to hear, how they want to hear it … but all in a fresh way.

For the most part, readers are not looking for Earth-shattering new facts or stunningly profound insights. They want answers they can jump on-board with easily, answers that already make sense to them.

They want bite-sized thoughts, and they want you to dig deeper only occasionally. They want to absorb your ideas right away, and only take the full PhD when they feel like it.

I can guess what you are thinking at this point....get real Diane, I don’t have time for this and I don’t know what to Blog about and I don’t know how to write.

Not true. To begin with you have a wealth of information about your Real Estate business to share. Think about the questions your Buyers asked you this week when you were driving them all over the Valley hoping to find them the perfect home. Think about the questions prospects asked you when you were speaking to them on the phone. Think about those questions Sellers wanted you to answer during your listing appointment.

Each and every one of the questions you are asked and your answer to that question is a Blog topic.

– Is this the best time to buy, or should I wait?

– If I buy this home for an investment will it retain it’s resale value?

– What part of the Valley offers the best schools?

– How is the commute from this neighborhood?

– Why do I need a termite inspection?

– How can you help me sell my home in this Buyer’s Market?

– When will home values begin to rise again?

– Where can I get the best financing?

– Can you help me list my home as a Short Sale?

and much, much more….

For those of you who are reading this email and are not Realtors, I think it is pretty easy to see how this would apply to your business.

Your readers are real people like you and want to hear from you in a language and style they can relate to. Your Blog is not being evaluated based on it’s scholarly content. Instead it’s being evaluated for it’s relevance to the reader. Are you providing the reader with information that is useful to them today?

The information and expertise you have acquired over the years is a giant FAQ page overflowing with great content.

OK, you are convinced you do not have to be an Einstein or a Shakespeare to Blog…but you still don’t have the time to write 2 to 3 Blogs a week.

Here’s how I can help you. Hire me as your ghost writer. Copywriting and Content Marketing are one of my specialties.  I also happened to have been a Realtor with Re/MAX for 12 years, so I know your tribe’s language.  All you need to do is shoot me a quick Q&A on a topic and I will craft a Blog for you, giving you credit as the author. It’s simple and affordable.  Call me: 480-586-7381.

Now that you are Blogging…what next?

Who is your ideal client?…you need to connect with them Day In and Day Out.