Is Email Marketing Dead?

Right about now you are probably re-reading the title of this email?  What is this all about? Isn’t email marketing over and done?

Hardly, email marketing in essential to growing your client and prospect list.

Even after all these years, email marketing is still one of the top two ways to drive traffic to your site and landing pages. (Search is the other.) Before you put time into less critical campaigns, why not spend more time and effort optimizing your email campaigns first?

When implemented correctly, a strategic email marketing campaign can expand your sales conversation to a broader audience while building loyalty with your existing client base.

Knowing how and when to communicate with your clients and prospects is key to your success. Implementing smart email marketing strategies will bring in more leads and keep the lines of communication open with your valuable past clients.

Create a steady, predictable schedule with your email messages, whether it’s your follow up drip campaign, or your e-newsletter. Keep giving high-quality free content. Show up on time and with great useful content, and your readers will get a sense that you are reliable and look forward to reading your emails.

Unlike Blogs and Social Media, email marketing allows you to become more personal with your list subscribers and remains an important and cost-effective solution to drive lead generation efforts and build long-lasting relationships with clients.

A well-crafted email campaign can initiate a sales conversation with valuable leads and help you stay connected to your past clients and gain their future sales and referral business.

Let’s look at some email marketing guidelines.

Build your list of Clients and Prospects.

In order to grow your lists you need to drive traffic to your website. Yes, you all know about SEO and how it helps build traffic to your site. However having loads of traffic to your website will do nothing for your bottom line, unless they join your mailing list.

What will grow opt-in traffic to your website is good relevant content published consistently by you in many formats; blogs, email campaigns, newsletters, free reports, video blogs. Traffic generated by great content is more likely to gain you more opt-ins and grow your list.

How you deliver your email content is essential. Sign up for a reliable email marketing service such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Aweber or icontact. It is not a good idea to email your clients from your Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail email. You appear to be less of a professional and lose credibility and will have fewer opens.

In addition, most email marketing services will allow you to track the number of opens, what pages your readers are linking to from your email message and how many times.  Other statistics are available depending on the service to help you track your email marketing efforts.  Statistics like these are valuable in helping you to constantly tweak your message until you are reaching your ideal target audience and they are not only opening your email messages, but clicking through to your website for more information.

What do the clients and prospects on your list consider great content?

  •    Be interesting
  •    Be relevant
  •    Be consistent
  •    Be accurate
  •    Be informative
  •    Be timely
  •    Be an expert but not a know-it-all
  •    Be generous with tips and resources
  •    Be YOU

Do not use your content to promote yourself over and over again. Promote your services in a strategic way that does not intrude on the value of the content you are delivering to your readers.

Use the power of an Autoresponder.

The autoresponder is a mighty tool that efficiently reaches out to your readers for you, whether you’re around or not.

Tailor your autoresponders for each of your lists or segments of your list. You don’t want to send the same email messages to your past clients that you will send to your leads and prospects.

Offer a FREE Gift.

Reward your readers for their loyalty. Offer a free digital gift in the form of a video or .pdf  or white paper on tips to help them.

A FREE gift is your way of rewarding your readers for opening your email or opting in to your mailing list.  Create special materials that will appeal to different segments of your list.  Create content that will send your readers to a landing page on your website where they can download your FREE gift….just be sure the landing page content reminds the reader that you have what they need to solve their problem.

Get up close and personal.

Email marketing is permission marketing. The subscriber to your email list has given you entrée to their inbox and invited you to have a conversation with them.  Accept the invitation graciously and bring the gift of your knowledge each time you pay a visit to your subscriber’s inbox.

Don’t treat this as a chore. Instead think of it a sitting down to a cup of coffee with your reader to answer their questions….remember you have been invited to do so.