It’s Not About You…

Have you Googled Your Competition?

You may want to spend some time and examine your competition’s approach to marketing to their website visitors.   You may find that most successful Realtors are using their precious web real estate space to answer the questions web visitors are looking for… What’s In It For Me? and How Can You Help Me Get What I Want?When buyers and sellers surf the web for real estate website they want to find answers to their questions:

  • Is this content valuable and useful to helping me make a decision,
  • Can I  search for homes,
  • Can I calculate mortgage rates,
  • Can I find out more about a state, a city, a community,
  • How can I prepare to sell my home.
  • What do I need to know to make the right decisions in buying a home
  • What’s happening in the local real estate market
  • What’s my home worth in today’s market.
  • etc.

Honestly, people visiting your website for the first time don’t give a hoot about you.

You have a couple of seconds to capture the attention of your visitor, less if you don’t use the space above the fold to get them to take action and call or email you. If they do not find “what’s in it for me?” on the top half of your home page within a few seconds they are clicking to the next website.

If you can provide content on your website that focuses on the challenges faced by your website visitors, you’ll grow your business much fasterSuppose someone is searching the web looking for: Realtors in Phoenix, MLS Search, Market Analysis. They somehow arrive at your website and in the few seconds it takes them to scan the top half of your home page they find it is filled with photos of you, pretty houses, your slogan, your designations and contact information….you’ve already lost them.

At this stage of your web visitors search they simply don’t care about getting to know you.

Suppose instead that potential client arrived at your website and found that you:

  • Do understand their needs.
  • You can help them solve their problem.
  • You are giving them access to information they need.
  • You are offering them something free and useful.

Do you think you are more likely to get a call or an email inquiry, or a return visit to your website?

Whether you are designing your website, creating new content for your website or writing a blog, first ask yourself what creates value for your clients?

All of you are in business for yourself and you are not selling a product, you are selling a service that you provide.

If you had a product to sell you could add images of it in all shapes and sizes and colors on your website. This is something tangible people can see and know in a couple of seconds if it is what they are looking for.  With a product you can expand on its features and you visitors would be looking for all the details you can provide about the product.

When you have a service that you are selling to the visitor you have something that is intangible.  Selling features is replaced with selling benefits.   So getting someone to pick up the phone and call you will be difficult if you are not telling them about how using your service will BENEFIT them.

This is not as hard as it appears. Take some time to make a list of benefits your clients gain when they hire you.  Keep that list handy to refer to when you get ready to write a blog, a web page, an ad or an email campaign.

You will find that a change in the approach to the content you are publishing from being all about you to instead being all about them will make a difference in growing your business.

There is a time and place for your potential client to know all about you and your accomplishments. That time will come after you have had your first conversation with them.

Make sure the first impression your website visitor gets when landing on your website is “you offer a service that is of value to them”….you will have a better chance of getting that important call.